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Mike PrenosilMessage from Mike:

My name is Michael Prenosil and I was born and raised here in Minnesota. I have been writing for 16 years in a free form style of poetry. I write and preform original works as well as publicly speak out against severe depression. I have struggled with this on a personal level throughout my life. It’s not what ales me but instead fuels my passion to write and preform.

I am the co-founder of The Urban Journal here on the east side of St. Paul Minnesota. The Urban Journal is a writing preforming club. We devote our time once a month to invite all artists in literature to join us as we have guest speakers and educational workshops about past and present literary works. The second half of our meetings are held primarily for the expression of spoken word performances for all our personal, collaborative, and workshop pieces. I am an advocate for any one who wants to write or preforms literary art. I attend the east side pride open mic night at The East Side Freedom Library as well as preforming at The Tap. I am currently working with The Show Gallery in lower town St. Paul to bring spoken word to there venue. My words and my life are dedicated to helping others find THEIR VOICE at TheUrban Journal and all events here on the east side.

Call to apathy

It changes...

Like the pass of time

Not likely relevant to reason

Not likely upon the mind

Forever a drift

Into infinite eternity

Lost like a comet

Wandering amongst the galaxy

Is it out there?

Will I remain aloof?

To the sound of existence

To the sound of truth

Will we live without living?

In short our stride

Never accepting a dream plausible?

Never getting the chance,

To prove the nature of our crimes

Hold the virtue of the present,

try and let go

of All that’s deemed relevant

I will find my call for dissidence,

I will warn the mast

NOT to hold the weight of humanity,

But use the cadence of our intellect

To reflect the power of our past

~Mike Prenosil




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