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The Urban Journal
  • Von Sage – First Ave Article & Interview 4/15/22

    (Article) The first time I met Von Sage I was interviewing him as an Ice King. A collective of four solo musicians making music as a group. He arrived at the studio in his signature Dodge Challenger. All blacked out with white stripes running down the top, hood, and trunk. He hopped out, fresh cut... Continue Reading →

  • Egregious Live on You Tube (restored from 4/6/22)

    My sincerest apologies for yesterdays link situation… sadly the live sound did not go much better. The boys of Egregious gave it there all and in the end I failed them, or rather I failed myself. With the continuous growth and mass requests to be on The Urban Journal I upgraded a few things around... Continue Reading →

  • E-ROC “Into The Shadows Follow-up”

    A massive thank you to E-Roc and everyone involved in making this launch a success! I was honored to get to know him during the production of the original article. So refreshing and vibrant, the artist and community I found along the way. I felt compelled to write this follow-up to shed some light on... Continue Reading →

Message from Mikey Nitro:

Hey friends, it’s ya boy Mikey Nitro!!! It’s been a minute and I wanted to clarify a few things before we kick off season 5 of The Urban Journal. I am happy to announce that I will be your prime-time host and back in the driver seat of this beautiful organization. I know that many of you have attended or performed or even featured your art at one of our events in recent years, so I also know how much you missed it…The crowd…The cheers…The life shedding your fears…Expressing your hopes and dreams, surrounded by a community that supports all your efforts, and of course the thrill of live performances. When I started The Urban Journal, I saw the need for a whole community of Artists in constant motion. Where we could provide an ear to listen with, a hand to help lift, a heart to heal and a strong VOICE for our community and its members. This platform has changed my life, and many involved along the way, and I know it can change yours too. Please join me and an incredible amount of talented people this season as we remind ourselves why expressing our experiences is far better than going it alone.

If you would like to donate your time or goods to any of our events, or if you are an artist looking for a new community to share your brilliance with, drop us an email at, and one of our team coordinators will be in touch. Love and miss every one of you and I am completely thrilled at the opportunity to serve all of you again, for what’s going to be the most energetic and heartfelt season ever!! As always, KEEP WRITING!!!

Much love,
Mikey Nitro

Mike Prenosil

The Mission of The Urban Journal

The crowd…The cheers…The shedding of fears…

Expressing your hopes and dreams, surrounded by a community that supports you and all of your beauty. This is where The Urban Journal felt the need to provide a platform for a whole community of artists to remain in constant motion. Where we could provide an ear to listen, a hand to help lift, a passion to heal, and a strong VOICE for our community with it’s members. This is a creative space for our community to share without judgment, bring more communities together, and offer the thrill of live performances. We, at The Urban Journal, invite all to join us along with an incredible amount of talented people as we head into our 5th season. Reminding ourselves why expressing our experiences, letting our voices be heard, and feeling accepted by our community is a crucial part of our well being.

With sincere excitement to hear you,

Mikey Nitro & Lilly Bea

Upcoming Urban Journal Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

If you’d like more information about the Urban Journal, or become one of our featured artists, reach out to Mike.

When I think of what it means to be alive, to be here, to exists in this space, at this time, in this moment, I think of what it must mean to breathe. I think not of what surrounds me, but with the question of, what right do I have to compare this creature to another? It’s astounding—the creation of this complex puzzle that lines up so perfect, so determined, so brave. To become something of thought, of compassion, of intelligence— I have no option but to weigh heavy the choices I make, the love that I share, and the history I leave behind.


I am just a man
Nothing more nothing less
I am the space
Between life and death
I am not bound
By fear or regret
I am not held
In regard or a passing attempt
I am furthest away
As close as I can get
I am always alone
With too many friends
I am the past
Watching this future
I am standing still
Trying to move faster
I am falling down
While rising up
I am too much to take
And yet not enough
I am the last time
And the first to admit
I am the one
You will forget

~Mike Prenosil