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Mike PrenosilMessage from Mike:

My name is Michael Prenosil and I was born and raised here in Minnesota. I have been writing for 16 years in a free form style of poetry. I write and preform original works as well as publicly speak out against severe depression. I have struggled with this on a personal level throughout my life. It’s not what ales me but instead fuels my passion to write and preform.

I am the co-founder of The Urban Journal here on the east side of St. Paul Minnesota. The Urban Journal is a writing preforming club. We devote our time once a month to invite all artists in literature to join us as we have guest speakers and educational workshops about past and present literary works. The second half of our meetings are held primarily for the expression of spoken word performances for all our personal, collaborative, and workshop pieces. I am an advocate for anyone who wants to write or preform literary art. My words and my life are dedicated to helping others find "THEIR VOICE" at The Urban Journal and "Tap" events here on the east side and our expanding venues.

When I think of what it means to be alive, to be here, to exists in this space, at this time, in this moment, I think of what it must mean to breathe. I think not of what surrounds me, but with the question of, what right do I have to compare this creature to another? It’s astounding—the creation of this complex puzzle that lines up so perfect, so determined, so brave. To become something of thought, of compassion, of intelligence— I have no option but to weigh heavy the choices I make, the love that I share, and the history I leave behind.


I am just a man

Nothing more nothing less

I am the space

Between life and death

I am not bound

By fear or regret

I am not held

In regard or a passing attempt

I am furthest away

As close as I can get

I am always alone

With too many friends

I am the past

Watching this future

I am standing still

Trying to move faster

I am falling down

While rising up

I am too much to take

And yet not enough

I am the last time

And the first to admit

I am the one

You will forget

~Mike Prenosil




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