TAP Wheels Up Rescheduled for October 17th

Hello TAP Wheels Up Friends,

Due to a situation beyond our control, we’re unable to come out and see you on Saturday September 19th. Weather permitting, we’re rescheduling the TAP Wheels Up for October 17th.

If you you were signed up for the September 19th Wheels Up, you are already signed up for the October 17th Wheels Up, and you should have received an email/message from me informing you of this change. Please reply to that email/message letting me know if October the 17th will work for you. If it does, we’ll keep you on the list.

Our schedule for TAP Wheels Up! October 17th is full! We will communicate via email blast if any spaces open up due to cancellation.

TAP Wheels Up – Rescheduled for October 17th

The October 17th Wheels Up will likely be the last Wheels Up for 2020. We are so hoping to be able to do live events in 2021, but if we have to wait a little longer for that, we’ll continue to Wheels Up in 2021!

~The TAP
Proudly Dis-Labeled