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Hey Tappers,

Daniel here. It was so nice to see all of you at the TAP picnic a few weeks ago! What a remarkably fun day!!

We’re really excited to get back to business as usual with our live events. We are working hard to get to it as soon as it’s safe. We want to see your faces!

Our original thought was to open back up in the fall, but alas, Covid is lingering a bit and our board has made the decision to slow our roll, just a tad. To that end, we are truly hopeful we can open up around the first of the year. We’re so anxious to get back to the dancing, the karaoke, and all the TAP fun!

In the meantime, we will be resuming some Monday night zooming and we are in the works for a Wheels Up, where we bring the TAP to you! Watch for announcements soon and sign up!

See you soon! Proudly Dis-Labeled as always!!

Your friend, Daniel