Message form Daniel

Hey Everybody,

It’s Daniel here. Ya…that Daniel from The Tap, Aim Services, etal. Yep, the bearded one.

I wanted to take a moment to talk with you. So, here it comes. 

I had absolutely no idea what an essential worker was until this year. Sure, I knew who they were, but I never labeled them as essential. I was even more shocked to discover that they were calling me essential too.  But I recently learned, that along with work, there was something far more essential in our lives. It’s something my TAP friends seem to have in spades. Honesty.

This past March, in response to the limited information we had about COVID-19, our TAP board quickly suspended all in-person events. We acted to safeguard our friends and encouraged them to stay home. But at this same time, others were not so inclined. Others were out. Others kept close social proximity. Yet others told us everything was fine. Others said more. Others misled. But make no mistake, they were out there. And you know what, they’re still out there.

Then recently the importance of masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) came to light at my day job, and we acted again. Aim Services essentially tries to help our friends live better, and keeping them safe from this illness was paramount. 

We were all over it! How can you live better with a case of Corona Virus, or worse yet, laid up in a hospital bed. Before the Department of Health could mandate it, we set out stringent guidelines and amassed scores of PPE supplies to fight this thing, and protect our friends.

You’re likely wondering why I’m telling you this. So I’ll get straight to it.

On Friday, I tested positive for COVID-19. It shook me. Would I be someone who wouldn’t do so well with this crazy thing? Body aches and severe headaches were moment by moment reminders of my fleeting earthly sojourn. This painful respite from some violent end, was a pretty mixed bag. It was a rough reflection to behold, facing off with the possibility of my own exit strategy.

A man recently yelled into a camera at at a campaign event for President Trump. He said, “If I die, I die!” But while he was screaming that into a crowd of mostly unmasked people, I couldn’t help thinking of his theft. He was stealing their choice to determine their own exit strategy. 

Truth is, I can’t trace the origin of my infection. Everyone in my “circle” checked out. I was faced with a hard fact. This stuff is extremely contagious, and we best get our heads out of the sand to face it. We must come together and care equally for all life, including our own. 

It seems 2020 is the year of “I Can’t Breath.” Wildfires decimate air quality in the west. A respiratory illness seems all-consuming. And a human being can be suffocated by a knee or a forearm. It’s a bit much.

But there is something that keeps me going. It’s you. The people in my life. I have family and friends who want me around. People that really want to know WHO I am. This is my reason to greet each day and struggle in difficult times. For that, I’m grateful!

Lastly, I want you to know two things:

This disease is not a hoax. It will not just miraculously disappear. Together, we will have to bring it to heel. We must hunker down and mask up! 

And as long as I draw a breath, I will want to know WHO you are. I will need you in my life.  Because you’re all essential to me!