On Monday night, we’ll be hosting our very first Karaoke night. That’s right…Just Karaoke for the entire evening!  With the addition of TAP Monday’s, specifically Karaoke Night, we’ll be changing how we do Karaoke at our main TAP events beginning with our Holiday party, December 14th. Due to the number of requests, we need to schedule singers ahead of time.

If you come Monday night, we’ll be drawing names for the opportunity to sing at our “main TAP events” beginning with December 14th…and beyond. We want everyone to perform at the main events. If you’re not selected for December 14th, you would be able to sing at our January or February events. Thanks for your understanding!

For the December 7th TAP,  in Lakeville, you’ll be able to sign up to sing the night of this event.

See you all on Monday night!

For more info on the event, CLICK HERE.